“Survivor” is one of the most demanding and extreme television shows, both for the contestants and for the production crew. Last year, we got the opportunity to shoot Survivor in the Philippines for Slovenian broadcaster POP TV, a leading commercial television in Slovenia.Some members of our crew worked on Survivor for the fifth time, having had experience of shooting in Panama, Philippines and Costa Rica for Serbian broadcasters, but working at the hub simultaneously with different countries was a completely new challenge. Production wise, a lot of things – like games, set design, props and boats – were shared at the hub among three countries, making it easier for everyone. But, on the other side, it meant being flexible and creating new and interesting content out of unexpected situations that had emerged as a result of actions of other countries, and stretched the hub capacities to the limits. Also, purely Survivor-related issues: bad weather, injuries, food poisoning, encounters with dangerous animals etc, were extremely challenging.


With all this in mind, and the fact that we were given a task to deliver 42 episodes out of 42 shooting days, Videostroj managed to successfully finish the shooting with impressive results. We created and shot 29 functional games on our own, each with different props and set-design. By carefully communicating with our cast, and handling their crisis, we managed not to lose any contestants due to injury or quitting, which is rather rare while shooting Survivor. We introduced new twists and mechanism to keep the content fresh and full of drama, laughs, tears and suspense.Videostroj was a valuable part of the community of more than 250 people in a huge production venture. We gained a lot of experience, new skills and knowledge, and managed to shoot highly interesting season of Survivor which sets new standards of TV production in our region.